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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & AnalyticsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of what gets you success on the web. Along with quality content, giving your site the proper structure, a focus on keywords relevant to your business, and incorporation of invisible data elements – called meta and micro data – provides search engines the information they need to display your site to the right audience.

Everything Web Solutions has professionals who are experienced with developing SEO into your site, and who also know how to incorporate the offsite attributes of SEO.  Integration with social media platforms and external link building in places that are appropriate and relevant to your business and client base help flesh out the basics, and targeting for your audiences’ locale rounds out a solid strategy that brings proven results.

With a full site analysis, we will be able to give your site a solid web presence with a relevant audience.


If SEO is the cornerstone of driving traffic to your site, analytics is what allows you to keep clientele there, keep them coming back, and delivering exactly what they want.

By simply placing small and nonintrusive elements in your web site code, Google Analytics can track exactly what your traffic is doing on your site. Suddenly you can see where your prospects are going, what they are reading, what they are buying. Report information can be customized to the key performance indicators of your site, allowing you to maximize whatever marketing effort you may currently be pursuing.

Further customization allows you to integrate with tools to see how your keywords are performing, or view how advertising campaigns are working, and even develop remarketing strategies for clients that you’ve almost got, but just haven’t quite been able to close yet.

A powerful solution that helps you maximize the potential of your site, when combined with proper SEO tactics and site design solutions, analytics will help you take your site to a level above the competition.